‘Sikitita’o Chiquitita, Organic & Biodynamic EVOO by Cortijo el Puerto

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Chiquitita EN_head_organic biodynamic extra virgin olive oil evoo Cortijo el Puerto

‘Sikitita’o Chiquitita, Organic & Biodynamic EVOO by Cortijo el Puerto has a 21st century country soul.

To talk about Chiquitita Cortijo el Puerto Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is to talk about Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability.

Chiquitita organic biodynamic extra virgin olive oil

Here is the R&D touch: it is the first olive variety selected for its use in hedgerow system and is the result of research for genetic improvement of olive trees. This project has been led by Diego Barranco and Luis Rallo (A joint development by the University of Córdoba and the Andalusia Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries ( IFAPA).

Once upon a time… 

Chiquitita Olive has small leaves, with elliptical-lanceolate shape, short length and narrow width. The olive has an ovoid and symmetrical shape, with absent nipple and when mature, Chiquitita reaches a black color.

Chiquitita _oliva2_idi_aceite de Oliva Ecológico y Biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto

The tree variety is a cross between ‘Picual’ (female parent) and ‘Arbequina’ (male parent) and with a compact size ideal for growing in hedgerows. In addition, it is a species of early production that yields an oil with great organoleptic characteristics.

In Cortijo el Puerto, we like the nature of the farm to be present in our EVOOs, because they are the result of it. Therefore, each variety is represented by an animal from the Cortijo. Chiquitita, is represented by the chicks that are raised on the farm, in an ecological environment. These small birds of the native Utrerana breed grow up in a farm that produces corn purposely for their food, that entertain them in “swings custom-made” and cradles them at night in mobile Hen Houses.Chiquitita aceite de Oliva Ecológico y Biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto

100% organic and biodynamic production and with quality as a premise, only the olives in perfect condition are harvested. We have an early harvest time, during October. Chiquitita olives are carefully transported in boxes, maintaining low temperatures throughout the process and quickly milled with cold extraction technique.

temperatura recolección Ecología y biodinámica Cortijo el Puerto_2019

 Tasting and pairings 

 This year’s olive juices are a true tribute to nature. A product of a rich and balanced ecosystem, that is noticeable in its quality and flavour.

Chiquitita EVOO is fruity green olives, with herbaceous notes such as freshly cut grass, green almond,  artichoke and aromatic plants. In the mouth it is sweet, with a lightly bitter ending and medium peppery kick as well as vegetable flavour. Medium bitterness and persistent pungency.

Chiquitita EN_organic biodynamic olive oil tasting pairing Cortijo el Puerto

We recommend you try them for breakfasts and snacks with traditional breads like muffins or peasants. Ideal match with citrus, honey, nuts and chocolate. Optimum with soft mushrooms like Boletus Edulis. Exquisitely marinated with white fish and seafood. Delicius in raw, vinaigrettes and emulsions (alliolli, mayonnaise). And for dessert … with cakes, pudding and ice cream.

Organic and Biodynamic 

The biodynamic agriculture of which these Chiquitita olives are fruit, entails a philosophy of life. It is a higher step in organic farming. 

The prevention measures, land care and soil protection, the way to control pests, harvest time… are determining factors for the organoleptic features, composition and quality of food.

Ecology & Innovation_Agricultura Ecológica y biodinámica 4.0_Cortijo el Puerto_ 2019_3

Our management practices are intended to restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony. We consider that our role in nature must be proactive, thus Cortijo el Puerto is committed to biodiversity. The prime objective is always to encourage healthy conditions for life: soil fertility, plant and animal health, and product quality”.

Biodiversity cortijo el Puerto

By understanding soils and ecosystem interactions, we produce food in a healthier way and with higher quality. Over time, it implies strong cost savings, noticeable expansion of recycling and much more self-sufficiency (green & circular economy) and, above all, plant health, from the soil to the ripening of the olive and that is a guarantee of quality. Chiquitita EN_ shop organic biodynamic olive oil Cortijo el Puerto

Chiquitita, the little one of Cortijo el Puerto, is available in our online store in 500 ml black and transparent glass bottle, an ideal format to try and for gifts!

Green gold olive juice!

Ready to taste!Chiquitita aceite de Oliva Ecológico y Biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto


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