Oliana: Organic & Biodynamic Olive Juice by Cortijo el Puerto

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Oliana Organic biodynamic AOVE ecológico y biodinamico

Oliana Organic and Biodynamic EVOO is a very characteristic olive juice by Cortijo el Puerto: soft and tasty it has the aftertaste and quality of the rich and balanced ecosystem where it comes from.

About Oliana

In October 2016, Cortijo el Puerto presented EVOO Oliana as a world first. This new variety of olive displayed in 2014 after fifteen years of studies and experimentation. It is the fruit of a genetic improvement programme which began at Barcelona-based high-tech nursery Agromillora. After confirming its high agronomic potential and optimal adaptation to the hedgerow system, in the same season of its launch, Cortijo el Puerto planted Oliana variety. It went into production in 2016, its second year, offering a small fruit size similar to that of its parents and providing a balanced and harmonic EVOO.

Oliana aceituna ecologica biodinamica cortijo el puerto

For those who want to know more, here you have a couple of links to a very recent interview about Oliana Cortijo el Puerto



Biodiversity and a Jenny named Oliana

Cortijo el Puerto supports biodiversity, protects, promotes and encourages it. Biodiversity in fauna and flora, and also in olive varieties. 11 olive varieties in the farm, of which, 8 has been released this year in our  “Granja” (“Farm”) series, all of them organic and biodynamic.

biodiversity olive cortijo el puerto

Reflection of biodiversity and ecosystem integration, we have chosen as image of each olive variety, one of the animals of the farm, normally linked to its habitat area. Thus, Oliana is represented by a Jenny (donkey), Oliana, that you can meet at our farm.

Oliana burra ganadería ecológica AOVE biodinamico cortijo el puerto

Our jenny Oliana grazes and collaborates with the cleaning and browsing activities. She lives with her donkey family in a rich and healthy environment.

Burros ganaderia ecologica biodinamica

The biodynamic agriculture of which Oliana olives are fruit, entails a philosophy of life. It is a higher step in organic farming. A farm with Olive, Almond and Citrus grove, integrated organic livestock-crop production system, framed in a global biodiversity recovery and regeneration environmental project.

Integrated organic Livestock Cortijo el Puerto 3

The prevention measures, land care and soil protection, the way to control pests, harvest time…all of them are determining factors for the organoleptic features, composition and quality of food.

Tasting Oliana

Oliana Organic biodynamic AOVE aceite Ecológico y biodinámico cortijo el puertoTo talk about Cortijo el Puerto Organic & Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oils is to talk about Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability. OurGranja”  collection  has been widely awarded and worldwide positioned ( first three places of the EVOO World Ranking 2017, 2018  and 2019) shows how ecology can be fully competitive.

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Widely awarded from Los Angeles to Athens, Oliana is an oil with character, full of reminiscences of the country. 100% organic and biodynamic production and with quality as a premise, only the olives in perfect condition are harvested. We have an early harvest time, during October. Oliana olives are carefully transported in boxes, maintaining low temperatures throughout the process and quickly milled with cold extraction technique.temperatura recolección Ecología y biodinámica Cortijo el Puerto_2019

oliana aceite de oliva virgen extra ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto  Oliana, fruity green and ripe olives of medium intensity, fruit porridge, fennel, apple and ripe banana. In the mouth seet, trace notes of nuts such as walnut and chestnut,  without bitterness. Suggesting olfactory notes, very balanced. Ideal for children. We love it  for breakfasts and snacks with traditional and special breads. Try it in mayonnaises or soft emulsions or with white fish.

tasting oliana organic biodynamic olive oil evoo

Oliana Organic & Biodynamic EVOO is available in our online store in 500 ml black and transparent glass bottle, an ideal format to try and for gifts!

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AOVE Aceite Granja ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto

Now, you know a little more about Oliana and about us.

We invite you to try our green gold olive juice…Dare to taste the difference

oliana organic evoo

Organic production & smart farming Cortijo el Puerto

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