Hojiblanca Organic and Biodynamic EVOO Cortijo el Puerto, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Fancy a warming up activity by discovering varieties of olive oils?

King of the Mediterranean Diet and well known for its multiple benefits, antioxidant and rich in monounsaturated fats.

Organic Biodynamic Hojiblanca EVOO by Cortijo el Puerto is our proposal today


Variety of Andalusian origin. It gets its name from the characteristic light colour of the underside of the leaves, silvery white. The olive is medium-large in size and has a beautiful symmetry.

Hojiblanca is the a widely cultivated variety. At Cortijo el Puerto we grow it organic & biodynamic, in hedgerow system,  working on quality from the health of the soil, to offer you the most exquisite and healthy oils.

Among the best known extra virgin olive oil, together with Picual or Arbequina, it is, however, Hojiblanca, considered the most versatile of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Organic biodynamic EVOO demeter cortijo el puerto

It has a remarkable range of flavours and aromas and a perfect balance between bitterness, spiciness and the characteristic flavour of a good olive oil. Its oils are highly valued by consumers.

Hojiblanca Ecológico Biodinámico AOVE

Our Organic-Biodynamic Hojiblanca aceiteecologico biodinamico hojiblanca cortijo el puerto

With quality as a premise, only the olives in perfect condition are early harvested, during October, when they are richer in chlorophylls and polyphenols, with higher oil quality and more antioxidants. (Its usual collection is carried out in the months of November and December).

hojiblanca ecologica y biodinamica cortijo el puerto

The high concentration of chlorophyll when grinding makes it visually have that greenish colour and a unique flavour …

Only olive juice, a true tribute to nature and the product of a rich and balanced ecosystem, and it shows in its quality and flavour.

Due to its size, the hojiblanca has traditionally been more complicated to collect, as its branches become hooked. At Cortijo el Puerto, where the Ecology + Innovation alliance are core elements, we have adapted it to hedgerow system, facilitating harvesting, and to organic & biodynamic, improving traceability and guaranteeing a natural, healthy and environmentally beneficial food.

In our EVOOs Ecology and Innovation, Biodiversity and Quality, Green Economy and Environmental Sustainability come together: biodynamics implies understanding the soils and the interactions of the ecosystem, producing food in a healthier way and with higher quality. Because everything adds up: the quality of the soil, its fertilizer, irrigation, the way to control pests, conservation, the moment and way of harvesting… the organoleptic characteristics, composition and quality of the food are determining factors.

AOVE Aceite Granja ecológico y biodinámico Cortijo el Puerto

«Granja» collection, is a 100% Eco and Biodynamic series, like everything else in Cortijo el Puerto, composed of 8 monovarietals, each with a distinctive character and flavour. The packaging is a tribute to the farm animals. It reflects the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna that characterises and defines Cortijo el Puerto and the intimate union of a rich ecosystem that produces this exquisite oil. The hojiblanca rooster, from indigenous Utrera breed hens, pecks among citrus fruits, collaborating with plant health.


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Our wide range of 8 different olive varieties is a noticeble innovation in the world EVOO market, significantly expanding its olive-diversity.

Cooking with hojiblanca

Hjb AOVE ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puerto

hojiblanca aove ecologico biodinamico cortijo el puertoHojiblanca, with a sweet entry and spicy progression, is exquisite for expert palates, rich in antioxidants and very versatile for different culinary techniques and pairings: gazpachos, ajoblanco, poached eggs, stewed vegetables, meats, stews and fish.

 In autumn, I love to prepare it with cereal breads and nuts and have it for breakfast with a good orange juice … or with a quince paste

Organic biodynamic Extra virgin olive oil hojiblanca Cortijo el Puerto Mediterranean Diet

It also pairs perfectly with autumn fruits: exquisite with seasonal mushrooms !!!

For Christmas recipes … delicious with lamb and kid. A very special touch with blue fish: use eco-biodynamic hojiblanca to prepare salmon or tuna dishes. You won’t be disappointed!

For the daring and pastry chefs, substitute the butter for hojiblanca and a hazelnut, almond or walnut cake. Mix it with orange or jam, a success !!!


AOVE hojiblanca ecologico biodinamico demeter cortijo el puerto_cocina olivaPie with hojiblanca EVOO, bio eggs, yogurt, orange marmalade and nuts … delicious

Cortijo el Puerto

The oil of the hojiblanca variety stands out for having a remarkably high oleic acid content, over 75%. This characteristic makes it especially beneficial for our health, by preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Cortijo el Puerto

Cortijo el PuertoHojiblanca is also a variety with great oxidation stability.

Cortijo el Puerto

Its high content of vitamin D and antioxidant properties are quite remarkable

A tip: To preserve EVOO we recommend an airtight container, in a cool place and away from the light. This will ensure its properties for up to two years.

We use recyclable materials, following our philosophy of preserving the ecosystem and providing maximum stability and preservation of aroma, flavour, freshness, etc. of our EVOO. In addition, our glass bottles (black and transparent) are labelled in Braille and equipped with greaseproof paper.

Hojiblanca EVOO Organic and Biodynamic Cortijo el Puerto is available in 500 ml format, in a black and transparent glass bottle in a case, ideal to enjoy it and for present. And we take it home for free …

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Delicious…ready to try it?

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